I`ve Gain So Much More Experience!

I began the USINDO Summer Studies Program with very little concept of what Indonesian life, culture, and people would be like. My exhaustive Google searches prior to the program could only reveal so much about what I was about to encounter for the next ten weeks, which made me partially nervous and partially excited. There [...]


Travel and Culture in Indonesia

Throughout my time on the USINDO Summer Studies Program, I have been able to witness Indonesian culture take many forms. My fellow participants and I have traveled to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Gili, and many more islands that display the vast diversity that this country has to offer. Di Yogyakarta, saya pergi ke banyak tempat [...]

Learning Indonesian Has Been Incredibly Enriching

I was raised in an English-speaking household. In junior high, I learned some Spanish from the Mexican and Hispanic children who I would hang out with after school. I took my first Spanish class in High School, and had an opportunity to use Spanish to help a roommate, Eduardo, practice English during college. I wouldn’t [...]