Religion in Indonesia – Colton Getter

Religion is one of the most interesting social issues in Indonesia, in my opinion. It's so fascinating that a country made up of so many different cultures, traditions, and religions was able to come together and create the nation that it is today. The predominant religion in Indonesia is Islam, but there is also quite … Continue reading Religion in Indonesia – Colton Getter


Travel and Culture – Colton Getter

Dalam program USINDO ini, kami diberikan kesempatan yang luar biasa untuk berjalan-jalan ke beberapa tempat asyik di Indonesia. Di bulan Juni kemarin, saya sudah berjalan ke Bali, Lombok, pantai Yogyakarta, Solo, Borobudur, dan Prambanan. Dari enam destinasi ini, saya paling menikmati Lombok. Saya berlibur di Lombok bersama teman saya, Garrett, selama tiga hari di bulan … Continue reading Travel and Culture – Colton Getter

Women’s Issues in Indonesia – Kelly O’Donnell

It has been very interesting to be in Yogyakarta during this time where the topic of who will be the next appointed Sultan when the current Sultan passes away. This is a controversial issue because the current sultan, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono, has four daughters and no male heirs to the throne. The eldest daughter, Gusti … Continue reading Women’s Issues in Indonesia – Kelly O’Donnell